Two Theme Parks in Lanzarote very funny you should visit

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There are two theme parks in Lanzarote that you should visit, especially if you are traveling with children. They are two wonderful places, where water becomes a protagonist in different forms. One of them is a park with children's attractions and for adults, where you will live next to your family many experiences full of

Find the best local products at Street Markets in Lanzarote

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The Markets of Lanzarote each week become a beautiful exhibition of the best products of the island and a great walk, ideal to distract you while you know a little more of the place. Every week it hosts hundreds of tourists and residents to encourage the consumption of the best native products, thus fueling the

5 most recommended places to eat in Lanzarote

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After a wonderful day of beach and sunshine in the perfect climate of the island, hunger takes over and you end up wondering where you could go to eat in Lanzarote. Well, in that case we leave 5 great recommendations for you to choose what you want to enjoy: La

4 Wineries of Lanzarote to taste the Best Wines

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Dante Alighieri said that wine sows poetry in hearts and reason was not lacking. There are four wineries in Lanzarote with such exquisite wines you will fall in love when you begin to savor. Thanks to the dry subtropical climate, Lanzarote becomes the ideal environment to grow large vineyards with high quality grapes. And although

Live a different night in Los Jameos del Agua!

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If there is a place where you can live a unique experience in Lanzarote is in Los Jameos del Agua. A space full of art and nature with lots of magic in the environment. It is located in the municipality of Haría, north of the island and apart from being a natural space, it is

Enjoy our traditional celebrations in Lanzarote during August & September

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If you want to enjoy the best traditional festivals in Lanzarote and you are making plans for your holidays, we leave you a few recommendations for you to write in your agenda. The main island is known for its beautiful and colorful landscapes, its beaches, charming corners, gastronomy, culture and above all for its original

3 recommendatios on what to do in Lanzarote if you are traveling with children

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From Lanzarote Palm we make 3 recommendations on what to do in Lanzarote if you are traveling with children to ensure the fun of your children and also yours. If you are thinking of coming to our beautiful island on your vacation and you have children, you will probably wonder where you could take them

Annual calendar for sports in Lanzarote

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Are you a sportsman and looking for a destination for your holidays? Playing sports in Lanzarote is your best option and for many reasons. Apart from its perfect climate and its beautiful and varied landscapes, this is an island with a wide variety of activities for all audiences. If you are a lover of the

Lanzarote: The best destination for Easter Week!

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Do not have a plan yet? Come to Lanzarote! For many reasons this beautiful and original island is the perfect destination to have a good time on the bridge of Easter. Now is the occasion and you have the perfect excuse to give yourself a break, alone or accompanied, to know, to enjoy, to relax

Why to stay in Lanzarote Palm?

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There are many reasons why a person would recommend staying at Hotel Lanzarote Palm. But the most important is that in this establishment we strive to give the best attention to our guests, offering a variety of advantages and always honors our concept of "Good Vibes Holidays". Best price guaranteed By booking directly with us we