4 Wineries of Lanzarote to taste the Best Wines

Dante Alighieri said that wine sows poetry in hearts and reason was not lacking. There are four wineries in Lanzarote with such exquisite wines you will fall in love when you begin to savor.

Thanks to the dry subtropical climate, Lanzarote becomes the ideal environment to grow large vineyards with high quality grapes.

And although in some cases it hides up to ten meters deep, the old soil becomes a fertile mantle where they remain sunken mature roots and renewed strains sprout.

Today we will talk about fourth winery wineries that have the luck to produce the most exquisite wines, thanks to the richness brought by the climate and the quality of the island’s soil.


Located in Tinajo, this winery of its own production has since 1991 offering the best quality to its customers. In addition to direct sales to individuals, in Reymar they also offer their exquisite broth wholesale. Its staff always very attentive and professional, provides an excellent treatment and speed in the service. Exquisite and distinguished table wine you should try if you visit the western part of Lanzarote.


25 hectares of own vineyard and with strains of more than 50 years, also known as Clara Mountain Winery is located in Arrecife. In its volcanic terrains are cultivated Malvasía, Moscatel, Diego and Listán black and white. American and French oak barrels come out exquisite red wines, reserve and a rosé. You can choose between dry, sweet and semi-sweet of high quality, in addition to the exclusive Muscatel Solera Especial.

Vega de Yuco

Located in the middle of the Tese Lomo, this young winery began its activity in 1997 combining traditional methods with latest technologies. The result is a product of quality and with a lot of personality; Wines including the Yaiza range, Masdache sparkling wines, organic wine or D’Yuco liqueurs. Due to their difficult access, visits to Vega de Yuco are limited and highly controlled. If you feel like organizing a visit for a small group, you can make your request by sending an email to bodega@vegadeyuco.es to confirm schedules and availability.

El Grifo

Located in San Bartolomé, it is the oldest winery in the Canaries and number ten in Spain. This is why it is also known as The Wine Museum, where there is a large number of antique pieces related to the wine production of the winery. They even keep bottles from 1881, which is the year in which the Moscatel de Ana was born. To know the old facilities of the Wine Museum you can come by yourself or even organize a guided tour. For both cases it is necessary to make a reservation, writing your request by email to alquitara@elgrifo.com to confirm prices, availability and date of visit.

Live a different night in Los Jameos del Agua!

If there is a place where you can live a unique experience in Lanzarote is in Los Jameos del Agua. A space full of art and nature with lots of magic in the environment.

It is located in the municipality of Haría, north of the island and apart from being a natural space, it is also a cultural symbol and tourist attraction, adorned by the artist César Manrique.

When the volcano of the Crown erupted, the roof of a volcanic tube collapsed and the lava flowed. César Manrique was able to mold this work of nature and give it with his own hands a very original touch.

Many travelers and residents flock to this place to experience many ways to admire the beauty of the Jameos del Agua.

They are famous the Nights of Jameos, where music and gastronomy are united to adorn the atmosphere.

You can enjoy a delicious dinner with a very special menu and then a Timple concert and DJ sessions.

From 19:00 hours it opens its doors to receive its visitors.

During the meal you can choose from various options such as shrimp salad with fresh goat cheese, lettuce mix with rose sauce, lamb with creamed potatoes, grilled grouper with vegetables, guacamole and basil vinaigrette.

Of course you can taste an exquisite red or white wine D.O. Lanzarote and a delicious Caramel Baccarat as dessert.

After 22:00 hours the musical time begins with José Vicente Pérez, Toñín Corujo or Alexis Lemes, alternating their quartets so that you spend a very pleasant time.

You can also admire the famous lake where there is a unique species in the animal and endemic world of Lanzarote: El Cangrejo Ciego or Jameo, which gives rise to the name of the place.

White, blue, green and black are the colors that will envelop you in the magic of this beautiful and unique environment in which you will live a unique and unforgettable moment.

Enjoy our traditional celebrations in Lanzarote during August & September

If you want to enjoy the best traditional festivals in Lanzarote and you are making plans for your holidays, we leave you a few recommendations for you to write in your agenda.

The main island is known for its beautiful and colorful landscapes, its beaches, charming corners, gastronomy, culture and above all for its original way of celebrating traditions.

In its calendar they emphasize the celebrations in honor to the Virgin of the Carmen, patron saint of the sailors. Between July and August they are celebrated with several maritime processions, in several of the coastal localities of the island.

During the first three weeks of August the patron saint festivities are celebrated in honor of San Ginés Obispo. They began the night of 11 with the Pregón, enlivened with a concert of timple of Alexis Lemes in Recova Municipal. In addition the visitors could enjoy the Festival of Rock and the Meeting of Parrandas.

During these days there will be various activities and workshops for the little ones, several concerts, queens elections, traditional games, sports championships, photography exhibition, contests, festivals, piñatas and much more.

This celebration extends until 25 of August; Night that will be inaugurated with various activities, workshops, trophy awards and a spectacular concert by singer hutch Rosana.

Undoubtedly, another of the parties with the greatest root in Lanzarote is the one to be celebrated on September 15 of this year, in honor of the Virgin of Sorrows, to commemorate the miracle of the Virgin of the Volcanoes.

People from the island and from outside go to the Pilgrimage of Los Dolores dressed in typical costumes mostly.

This is a celebration that takes place in honor of the patroness of the island and is own of the municipality of Tinajo, locality of Mancha Blanca, where is the hermitage of the Place of the Dolores.

All the way is a party where people join the carts and camels carrying flowers, music with timbres and guitars, typical products and much joy to offer the image of his beloved virgin.

During the tour they make several stops to taste sweets, pecking and drinking wine from the island. One of the most popular stops is the one made before the Monument to the Peasant, by César Manrique.

The pilgrims eagerly await the departure of the Virgin’s temple to leave their offerings, celebrate the mass and end with the Romero’s Ball.

As you can see, Lanzarote is an island with many surprises that you will love to discover.

Come and meet her and enjoy everything you have to have a great time!

3 recommendatios on what to do in Lanzarote if you are traveling with children

From Lanzarote Palm we make 3 recommendations on what to do in Lanzarote if you are traveling with children to ensure the fun of your children and also yours.

If you are thinking of coming to our beautiful island on your vacation and you have children, you will probably wonder where you could take them to distract you, which sites would be ideal for them and also for adults. Well take a look …

Aquapark Costa Teguise

It is the ideal park to spend a day with family and even with friends and for all ages. This is the largest water park in Lanzarote and its attractions are a source of adrenaline for those looking to have fun to the fullest. Whirlwind, Kamikaze or Hydrotube attractions are for the bravest. There are also slides for children, loops, a lagoon of games and even electric cars for big and small. It also has relaxation areas such as the chill out area and the Jacuzzis. And it has area to play paintball! With over 22,000 square feet of fun, it’s just the perfect park.

Timanfaya National Park

If you are looking for a day to connect with the nature of the island, this is the right place. The south of Lanzarote offers a very colorful landscape, especially in the village of Yaiza, where you can see the crater of the mountains of Timanfaya. Within the park you can take an original camel ride while enjoying the views towards the Fire Mountains, which are truly breathtaking. During the tour you learn a lot about the history and evolution of the native nature, including dates of volcanic eruptions and how this has influenced the life of the inhabitants. As a luxury brooch to close the walk you can enjoy an exquisite wine list from La Geria, an area well known for its colorful wineries.

Jameos del Agua

Art and nature merge in this environment full of options for the distraction of large and small. The place receives its visitors with an original tunnel designed by the architect César Manrique. Jameos del Agua is also the first Center of Art, Culture and Tourism founded by this same architect. There is also a cafe with a very particular decoration, swimming pool, concert hall and a small lake that connects with the water of the beach. This is one of the most beautiful places in Lanzarote from where you can see some tiny white crabs moving in the bottom of the sea. They are called Blind Crabs and it is an endemic species of the island.

Annual calendar for sports in Lanzarote

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you a sportsman and looking for a destination for your holidays? Playing sports in Lanzarote is your best option and for many reasons.

Apart from its perfect climate and its beautiful and varied landscapes, this is an island with a wide variety of activities for all audiences. If you are a lover of the sport, enjoy it, live it and recharge your batteries, this is without a doubt your ideal sport destination and at any time of the year.

Lanzarote has in a short time achieved the reputation of a sports area par excellence, being a destination for training and competitions even at the continental level.

For a few years, many athletes and fans have chosen this destination to train or enjoy the wide variety of sporting options that the island welcomes like running, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, golf, swimming, sailing, cycling, diving, triathlon… are just some of the many modalities included in the 2017 Sports Calendar.

For sports fans who still hesitate to sign up for a competition, know that elite athletes recommend doing so, but measuring the amount of effort they will put in each race.

You do not have to give everything always. The first competitions can be used as a simple training and is just the most convenient to strengthen the muscles and accustom the body to physical exercise. In addition the pre and post conditioning to the races is essential to avoid injuries.

This is one of the main reasons why amateur or beginner athletes choose Lanzarote for their preparation. They know that here they will have a quality training and will be able to participate in competitions with the best ones, without needing to burn all their capacities, but to train to be perfectly prepared for the final competition.

One of the many advantages that Lanzarote offers is that there are options for all ages, so many children also have the possibility to choose this destination as the ideal for their training from an early age and train with the best to get to be in the Top someday.

Do you want to know in detail everything you can choose? Download the Sports Calendar for you to choose the competition of your choice and start to prepare your vacation from this to Lanzarote.

So you already know; Come to the magic island of sports and enjoy the best environment to balance your body and mind. Do not let them to tell you![/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”DOWNLOAD CALENDAR” color=”primary” align=”center” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Faparthotellanzarotepalm.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2017%2F03%2Fcalendario-deportes-lanzarote-2017.pdf|||”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Lanzarote: The best destination for Easter Week!

Do not have a plan yet? Come to Lanzarote! For many reasons this beautiful and original island is the perfect destination to have a good time on the bridge of Easter.

Now is the occasion and you have the perfect excuse to give yourself a break, alone or accompanied, to know, to enjoy, to relax and to live incredible experiences in the majorera island.

It is undisputed the geological beauty of Lanzarote with its lunar landscapes, beaches and all its corners. Its privileged waters adorned with sun, sand and palm trees are the ideal environment to balance body and mind and to merge with nature.

In its infinite diversity are also protagonists the underwater landscapes and the treasures in protected spaces, that are jealously preserved by its value.

The area of Playa del Carmen is ideal for strolling and choosing from the incomparable activities available on site for all tastes and all ages.

Besides nature, Lanzarote has centers of art and culture, museums, routes, excursions … It has everything! For example, the area of Playa del Carmen is ideal for strolling and choosing from the incomparable activities available on site for all tastes and all ages.

At Avenida de Las Playas you can take a walk at any time to appreciate the beautiful views, while the smells coming from the restaurants tempt more than a palate and invite you to try the exquisite dishes offered by the gastronomic diversity of the place.

In addition to food, the walk has many shopping areas and daytime and nightlife. You can find souvenir shops, electronics, textiles, perfumeries…

In the area of La Tiñosa, in the Port, the food is delicious and stands out for the variety of fresh fish dishes. It is a very traditional place of Lanzarote and stands out for its old buildings and the maritime style that surrounds it.

Puerto del Carmen also has the Biosfera Plaza Shopping Center with five floors, ample parking and more than 50 localities among which there are several textile and footwear franchises, cinema, cafeteria, hairdresser, jewelry, restaurants and more.

The pearl of Lanzarote is La Graciosa, an islet framed within the Marine Reserve of the Chinijo Archipelago, considered the largest in all of Europe. Invaluable landscaping and protected enclave, is perfect for relaxing, biking and fall in love with the place and its people.

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Origin of the term ‘Good Vibes’

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In its esoteric aspect…

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Do you dare to discover it for yourself?

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Lanzarote is different, discover it!

In the Canarian archipelago it’s difficult to choose which place is more beautiful and peaceful. They are islands that express beauty in the variety of their landscapes with their frosty night skies, radiant sunrises or romantic sunsets.

The waters of its beaches are ideal for refreshing the body and the various sands range from sparkling white and fine grains that run between fingers, goldy, stoned and even black obsidian sand.

We can also find forests, jungle, volcanoes, mount … they are islands to satisfy the tastes of all.

But there is certainly one of all the Canary Islands that we can highlight among the rest. The peace that evokes invites us to relax and to take on new positive energies with the light of its radiant sun, its calm and crystalline waters, virgin beaches, caves and so much more.

Lanzarote is a peculiar island that receives its visitors dressed in colors in their volcanic lands and with the unmistakable landscapes that make up its ecosystem of such high international value, since UNESCO has recognized it as a Biosphere Reserve since 1993.

It is a land of exquisite Malvasia wines with Denomination of Origin, harvested in wineries that have won awards and recognitions within the territory and also international.

Also for the sportsmen represents an ideal destination as a meeting point for the practice of water sports such as swimming or windsurfing. Even for those who prefer mainland sports like running and cycling. There are many options to choose from.

Apart from all those natural wonders, Lanzarote also offers an impressive tourist service that attracts more and more people. Your holiday accommodation is designed to welcome your visitors with everything you need to make your holiday an unforgettable, memorable stay.

In Lanzarote Palm we can offer you all the information you need to walk around the most emblematic places of the island, parks, beaches and everything you want to know. Come by our reception and we will be happy to help you make your visit truly impressive.

Most recommended beaches in Puerto del Carmen

Lanzarote is an island embroidered with beaches and coves of exuberant beauty, of excellent reputation and with an ideal climate.

Surely when asking about beaches in Lanzarote we would recommend the best known, Papagayo and Famara, which are really impressive. However, the island offers other summer scenarios, perfect to enjoy a good bath and the heat of a sunny day, with the best views and in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Around the fishing village of Puerto del Carmen is one of the most important tourist centers of Lanzarote. In the municipality of Tias you can enjoy a coastal route with waters that remain calm throughout the year.

Playa Los Pocillos
Of fine golden sand disturbed by the wind, although with very calm waters. The high tide creates puddles that give rise to its name and to the urbanization where it is located. It is easily accessible, crowded and surrounded by restaurants, shopping area, shops and hotels.

Playa Grande
Also called Playa Blanca, although the locals prefer to call it Grande to differentiate it from the White Playa del Sur. Located in Puerto del Carmen, it is one of the most representative beaches to belong to the first tourist area of the island. It is endowed with certain characteristics that allow the bathers a much more comfortable experience. It has surveillance service, locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, hammocks and umbrellas for rent, boats and more.

Playa Fariones
It is next to the hotel that has the same name and is very easy to access. You can get there by bus. It is of a brilliant golden sand, of fine texture and crystalline waters.

Playa Matagorda
With 850 meters long and 40 meters wide, this beach of fine golden sand adopts the same name of the tourist resort where it is located. It is windy, but with calm water, so many windsurfers visit and also learners. It has availability to rent equipment for water sports, umbrellas, hammocks and other services. You can get there by bus.

These are just a few of the many amazing and beautiful beaches that Puerto del Carmen has to offer in Lanzarote.

Dare to discover these and other wonders of the island and enjoy every detail.

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